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Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Things to consider While Buying Refrigerator | Refrigerator buying guide: How to choose the right fridge for Home

When we are planning to buy a new refrigerator or upgrade, it is not a easy select best one as many option available in market. If you buy a wrong model or brans you will have to bear that for years or a decade. So don't be in hurry to buying a refrigerator.

Do proper research online and check review later check with your friends and relative who is using that particular model which you selected. Everything you need to know before buying a new refrigerator because it will be with you long time.

There are many pitfalls to avoid while buying refrigerator. There are a checklist to consider before you step into the store, or going to buy online on a click button. Everyone has their own specific requirement like one is choosing the style , Another one is choosing on capacity and your food storage. Someone choosing on basis of no of doors. So things is analysis the your requirement basis on family number , storage and budget.

In addition, nowadays IOT technology has entered in refrigerator also, new models come with WiFi connectivity and a companion smartphone app, allowing you to remotely change fridge settings and temperatures, receive alerts if a door is left open etc... . According to one survey  , only 9 percent of refrigerators purchased in 2019 and the first half of 2020 have WiFi features.

According to one refrigerator survey following are the consumer behavior :

1.French-doors made up 64 percent of new refrigerators purchased by CR members in 2019

2. Side-by-sides at 20 percent, 

3. bottom-freezers at 6 percent, 

4. top-freezers and built-ins at 5 percent each.

You have come here looking for a detailed explanation of all the aspects to consider before buying a refrigerator. We have created this buying guide keeping in mind everything that one must know to understand the all-important kitchen appliance. So before starting to explain above checklist we should know type of refrigerator. Depending upon their sizes and the way they are built, refrigerators can be divided into three main types:


1.Size of Refrigerator

2.Style / Configuration

3.Family Size

4.Food storage capacities

5.Food Habits

6.Exterior and Interior Look

7.Set a budget


9.Energy rating


11. Read reviews

12. Visit near by stores 

1. Size of Refrigerator

Generally, we plan to buy a new refrigerator when we planning to shift new home, or sometimes after house renovation or upgradation. So before buying you should be sure where are you going to keep it so it will help you to decide the size. Refrigerator location gives you the idea about spatial restraints  such as the width of your doorway or any blockage to the doors of the refrigerator where it may bump when opened.

Second factor is your family size and other requirements may influence the size of a refrigerator. A family of 4 or more would need a large door for sure. However, you should also think the other side the larger the refrigerator, the more will the energy consumption. So here we suggest you to keep a balance between your requirement and size and electricity consumption. 

2. Style/ Type of Refrigerator

Style is one of the most important things to consider while buying refrigerator. Style of a refrigerator includes two important aspects i.e. where and which door facility you are looking for. A refrigerator comes in five basic door type. 

Type of Refrigerator

a) Single Door

b) Double door

c) Triple door

d) Side by side

e) Mini

a) Single Door

As per the name, this type refrigerators have just one door, and range from a capacity of 150 to 250 liters. These are the most economical options available in market, and apart from fridge space, even offer modest freezer space.

Single door refrigerators are mostly direct cool in nature, but technologies make more smart nowadays with many companies introducing a digital auto defrost option in refrigerators .

b) Double Door

As name suggests, this type of refrigerator have two doors. The upper compartment is reserved for the freezer, the lower one is meant for regular use. So in this model , you get more freezer space to use.

A double door fridge usually has a capacity of 250 to 500 litres. Such refrigerators are also built to use less energy, and they are always frost free in nature. Double door models are energy efficient, and they ship with toughened glass shelves too.

c) Triple Door

As name says, it has three doors in refrigerator. Triple door refrigerators are taller and slimmer than other models, and it is good for homes with less floor space. They come in capacities of 250 to 350 liters.

The top door is for the freezer, the middle one is for regular use and the lower one is a crisper like vegetable and other eatery can keep. Triple door models come with frost free technology and toughened glass shelves.

d) Side by Side

Side by side refrigerators are the most expensive models, and these model are equipped with the latest technologies. With capacities ranging from 550 to 850 litres, these refrigerators offer huge storage space with several different sections.

Some even come with water and ice dispensers in the front. They are of course frost free in nature, and come with toughened glass shelves.

e) Mini

Mini refrigerators are tiny in size and just offer basic cooling for keeping your food fresh. They can be up to 100 liters in capacity. They might have a very small freezer integrated into them, but this is not always the case. They are always direct cool in nature.

Whether you are a bachelor or family, refrigerator is requirement of every home. There are many aspects to consider from the size to door style, energy efficiency, brand and price. Here is a refrigerator buying checklist that will help you find the best fridge for your budget.


3. Your Family Size

Refrigerator is must have essential appliance in every home, either are you single , couple or full family with kids and parents. So you have to consider family size for buying a refrigerator. Consideration of your family size also comes in the priority list of the things to consider while buying refrigerator. Our Refrigerator Buying Guide suggests that a bachelor may go with classic single door refrigerator. However, a large family can choose double door or Side by Side for more space.

Here are a standard table for number of members in family 

1 Adult - 40 - 100 L

2 Adult + 1 kid = 150 -2500

2 Adult + 2 Kid = 250 - 350 

3 Adult + 2 Kid = 250 - 500 LE

4 Adult + 2 kids = 550 - 850 

4. Capacity

The capacity of a refrigerator is measured in litres. The range from the lowest capacity to the highest has grown exponentially. You should decide your requirement as per family members. This determines the amount of food you will be keeping inside your fridge.

5. Food Habits

Food habits is also one aspect need to consider before buying refrigerator. There are many features like fridge compartments, drawers, ice making capability and freezer varies with different models. Our Refrigerator Buying Guide suggest you to choose the best suitable variant as per following requirements:

Type of food you prefer

How much stock you buy at once ?, type of Food You Like? If you are a big time frozen food lover, then you will need a bigger freezer space and should go for a big bottom freezer or a Side by Side refrigerator which is half freezer and half fridge. If you like to keep fresh vegetables and fruits, then better go for variants with more fridge compartment space. If you are beverage or milk lover, then you should choose variants with adjustable shelves to fit your bottles.

6. Exterior and Interior Look

Some people give preference to look & feel, so Exterior and Interior look of refrigerator also matter you should also consider while buying refrigerator. Looks too matter and also which metal are you planning to get to your home. 

7. Set a Budget

After all consideration you need to check your budget is allowing you to buy or not. Budget is also an important factor so before selecting any refrigerator first check price then go to check features. Sometime budget need to be increase to buy refrigerator as per our choice.

8. Defrosting

Direct cool vs Frost free

Refrigerators require cool air circulation inside their compartments. When it comes to direct cool options, this circulation is handled through natural convection, without any external help. A major disadvantage of this method is uneven distribution, which leads to the forming of ice in the refrigerator.

The name frost free , tells us that there is no frost or ice to deal with it. These refrigerators circulate the cool air evenly with the help of electric fans.

In some refrigerators You need to do manually defrost the fridge regularly. A few advantages of this technology are the fact they these refrigerators are economical and consume less electricity and budget refrigerators.

9. Energy Rating

EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) or star ratings are given to appliances signify how energy efficient they are. The higher the star rating, the more energy-efficient they will be. If you wish to go deeper into this aspect, you should look for the total units of electricity (kWh) that your model will use in a year.

Some average amount you can save as per refrigerator rating as given below

  • 1-star rating for a refrigerator will offer around Rs 300 in savings per year
  • 2-star rating will save you around Rs 800 a year.
  • 3-star rating is even better, as it offers savings of up to Rs 1,200 a year
  • 4-star rating ensures that you save around Rs 1,500 a year.
  • 5-star rating, it will deliver savings of up to Rs 1,800 a year.

So it an also important aspect to check rating while buying refrigerator.

10. Compressors

Compressors are responsible for maintaining the temperatures inside the fridge. You should know that smaller refrigerator come with general compressors, while medium and large sized refrigerators come with inverter compressors.

General compressor

These compressors start off at very high speeds, and then continue running at a constant speed. This way, even if there is no cooling loss, they will keep running at the same speed and switch off only when optimum cooling is reached. This is why you hear a ‘tick’ sound from your refrigerator every now and then.

Inverter compressor

Inverter compressors are adaptable in nature, in the sense that they can run at varying speeds depending on the amount of cooling that is required. They start at low speeds, and speed up only when there’s a loss in cooling. This allows them to be more energy efficient.

11. Read Reviews

Once all research done please check review on different website and user feedback about refrigerator and after sales service from company.

12. Visit near by stores 

Even planning to buying online if you are getting discounts or cashback but once visit to check and see in actual the refrigerator which are you are going to buy.

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