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Wednesday, 23 March 2022

How To Buy Best AC For Home

How to buy (ac) Air conditioners

Nowadays, Air conditioners are increasingly becoming an important part of the Indian family. If you living in a climate that is typically hot and humid all the time or months, then you need a good air conditioner at your home . Buying new one, or upgrading the air conditioners is a task to research carefully accordingly your home size. 

Before buying a good air conditioner you should compare price , feature, after sale services & warrantee. You want your new ac for long time, that need to check, that not suddenly need servicing after only a couple of months. Take a proper time to full research to compare the pros  and cons of the different brands on the market, you will be able to find a top quality unit that will fit within your budget.

What an AC is

Air conditioner or AC is an electric machine that provides us a option to control the temperature of our room according to our wish. You just need to set a temperature from remote, whether it is more or less than the actual one outside your room, you will get that precise degree of warmth within a minute.

How AC  works

Air conditioner works in the same way like refrigerator or fridge in your house, but in a larger extent. The difference is, rather of taking the heat down from the comestible objects kept in the fridge, it absorbs the heat from an entire room. Also it reduces the temperature with the help of' refrigerant'. This chemical substance gets wracked after absorbing some of the room heat, and the rest of the heat is voiced through the prostration panel of the device. In this way, it helps you to get cozy and stupefied out in the burning summer atmosphere. During this cooling process inner unit produces waste water which drains out. Drain air conditioner water is sign of air conditioner is working duly. 

Types of air conditioners

Depending on where the compressor and blower mounted, air conditioners mainly divided into 3 types.

1. Split AC

2. Window AC

3. Portable AC

1. Split AC

Split AC, as the name suggests, it consists two part. One part is mounted outside of the room and the other part is mounted inside the room. The outside part consists is a compressor and condenser and inside part consists blower. Compressor connected to blower by connecting pipe which passes through the wall. Compressor sucks air from outside and made it cool, then passes to the blower. Blower throws out the cold air into the room.

Split AC is more aesthetically pleasing compared to other AC models and split AC perfectly capable to cool the bedroom and even large areas like halls and commercial places.

Where to install split AC

Split AC can be installed anywhere in the home. It offers more installation feasibility compare to other models. Only the thing is, you need to consider is the room in which you want to place Split AC must have an outside exposing wall.

2. Window AC

This type of AC consist only one unit with a combination of compressor and blower. Window AC can be installed only in the window frame. Blower side of AC facing inside the room, whereas the other side is facing outside the room.

Difference between Split AC & Window AC

Split AC Window AC
Noise level is very less, as compressor install out side the room It make more noise
Mounted on the wall Mounted on the window frame
Not portable Portable 
Flexibility to install anywhere Suitable only for small rooms with window slot, and best for those who moves houses frequently
Expensive Economical
It expensive installation Simple & less expensive Installation

3. Portable AC (New Model)

As name suggest, portable AC is portable just like air cooler. Portable AC are can move from one room to another instantly where as a window or split as can’t. Portable AC is best suitable for the homes where there is no feasibility to mount split / window AC or peoples who are living in a rented house and frequently reallocating place to place. Even you can move portable AC room to room in your home as you want.

Where to install portable AC

You can install anywhere at home just like an air cooler, just needs to arrange air hose through the window. A plastic hose is provided with AC, you need to attach hose to AC and put the other end outside the window using a window kit provided with AC.

Advantages of Portable AC

Shifting and reallocation is easy. Just pack in cardboard boxes and move out, is that simple. No need of any technician.

No need to stick in one room. Within 10 minutes you can shift AC in another room.

Disadvantages of Portable AC

As portable AC is very new in India, they are expensive as well as there is no well known brand products available in India. Lloyd 1 Ton LP12TN Portable Air Conditioner is only the one of well known brand, portable AC available in India.

What is Inverter AC

Many people think it can be run on your home's invertor, Inverter AC doesn’t mean it runs on inverter or it can runs on your home battery backup and invertor. It uses an inverter technology, which uses to convert AC current to DC current which further regulate the compressor running speed.

Traditional non-inverter ac compressor motor eventually go “ on” and “ of”. Whereas, inverter AC compressor is always in “ On” state. Although, inverter AC compressor is always on, it saves electricity a lot. When we switch to non-inverter AC, its compressor motor starts running at high speed to cool the room at the asked temperature. After reaching the asked temperature, it stops the compressor motor. When room temperature increases, it starts the compressor again. The compressor is gone “ On” and “ Off” again and again. 
When the air conditioner compressor motor goes 'On’, it consumes peak position electricity. So traditional non-inverter AC whose mama goes ‘On’ and ‘Off’, obviously consumes further electricity. The inverter AC motor is always on so there's no electricity peaks and save electricity a lot. Inverter technology is just like a auto accelerator. When compressor needs further power, it gives further power and when compressor needs lower power, it gives lower power. As inverter AC compressor motor is always on, it regulators the compressor motor speed, electricity consumption grounded on the room temperature. 

Difference between invertor AC and non invertor AC ( normal AC)

Technical Feature Non-inverter AC Inverter AC
Electricity consumption More Less
Compressor motor always On and Off Always On
Reach to desired temperature Takes time Quickly
Appliance lifetime Moderate High
Price Expensive Highly expensive

AC as per room size |  AC ton per sq ft

Choosing the right size air conditioner for your home is little tricky. Oversized air conditioner cools the room faster than usual, but consumes electricity lot, whereas, undersize air conditioner needs to work hard to cool the room, consumes electricity lot, even though it's not able to cool the room efficiently.

AC capacity depends on the size of the room. Before buying an AC, how to calculate the required AC size by measuring the room square foot area. In India, Air Conditioner size rated in tonnage whereas, in foreign countries they use BTU (British Thermal Unit). Here we summarize the required AC size based on room square foot area.

Room size and ac capacity in ton

Room Size in Sq Ft AC Capacity in Tons
0 to 80 0.75
80 to 120 1
120 to 190 1.5
190 to 300 2

Things to check before buying ac

If you are planning to buying air conditioning (ac), There are a lot of options available in market. How do you know which ac to purchase for our home? Here are are going to explain some important features which you need to check as given below : 

Dust Filter

These mesh filters avoids dust mites evaporate at home. Whatever dust particles stick to these filters. AC give best performance if filters are clean, so you have to clean these filters with water once in a month, if you are using AC regularly.

Anti-bacteria filter

An inbuilt filter removes invisible substances like dust mites, bacteria, pollen and other allergens. Overall, makes refreshing room environment. These filters avoids dust mite deposits on the internal part of AC and helps increase the lifetime of AC.

.Room Heater

Built in room heater gives the cozy feeling in winter by just a button click. No need to purchase, maintain a room heater in winter. By just a button press, AC converts into cooling mode.


Dehumidification allows to remove excess moisture from the room. Such as in spring and fall room covers with high level of moisture, and cause stickiness, sweating, makes bacteria growing environment. Dehumidifier removes excess moisture and gives cozy, comfortable feeling.

Auto Clean Function

It avoids the mold and bacteria formation on internal part which affects AC cooling functionality and increase AC life time.

Auto Detect

AC stores user preferred temperature setting in its memory chip and adjust the temperature itself to change in outside temperature or humidity. Some advanced technology air conditioner detects number peoples in a room based on body temperature and adjust the cooling temperature.

AC on while sending SMS

Generally, air conditioner takes 10 to 15 minutes time to cold the room. This feature allows you to switch to AC just before few minutes before you reach home from outside by sending an SMS to the air conditioner’s selected number. Whenever you reach home, you get cool, refreshing environment that too without taking any time.

Energy Efficient Rating

Your first step when starting research into which air conditioner you need to check, Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating for each brand available in market. The higher the number means, the higher the efficiency of the unit. Make sure that you examine the features that come with each brand. 


When it comes to performance simply check the your home size which need cooling. We have mentioned in above table room size and respectively AC ton required for your home.

However, you should not purchase an AC unit that is too powerful. Doing so will cause the system to switch on and off frequently. This causes power surges that can have a detrimental effect both on other electrical devices on the circuit and to the AC unit it self.


The ratings are usual easily to understand with an efficiency ranking with a range from "Low efficiency" to "High efficiency". If you are in the market looking for an air conditioner for your home, we have compiled a list of some of the best air conditioners available in India.

Tips to buy air conditioner (AC) :
Important factors when Selecting the Best Type of Air Conditioner for Your Home. Now that we know the types of air conditioning available out there in the market, it’s time to make the decision for the best suited AC system for your home. Here are the most important factors to consider : 

1. Choose the correct size of AC as per your room size. A big AC can be cool down the room faster but it will increase your home electricity bill every month. 

2. First try a small research online then with your friends and relative to know actual performance and after sale service.

3.Before buying AC from showroom check it proper, you must check your machine thoroughly before you receive it as your own.

4. If you are planning to buy  window AC then first check your window size  and what will be a convenient position to put the AC on.

5. If you are buying a split air AC, you should keep the close the windows of your room. If window will be open ventilation may disturb the cooling rate.

6. AC filter need to clean monthly basis to get high performance.

7. Like most electrical products, your AC should be protected from dust and excessive heat.

8. If you have a good budget then try to buy an inverter AC. Even it will cost you more, it will give you a longer service. 

9. Energy Consumption : Ensure purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioning system that can help decrease your utility bills. The energy efficiency ratio is also known as the EER rating. It is important to check so that the most cost-effective option can be taken into consideration. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system is. In order to buy a highly efficient and low energy consuming AC, you should check the EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio) label. BEE provides stars to the ACs according to this label and it ranges from 1 to 5 stars. 

10.Space and Ease of Maintenance
The ease of maintenance of air conditioning is the most important part if you wish to prolong its life for the years ahead. So, buy an air conditioner that is best suited for your home’s space. There are many types and brands available in the market. You can decide which one is best for you, depends upon your room , the budget , and ease of use along with ease of maintenance.

11. Cooling Power : This specification is not applicable to smart ACs only but to any type of air conditioner that you are about to buy. British Thermal Units (BTUs) is a measure of an air conditioner’s cooling or heating capacity. The higher the BTUs the more cooling or heating power a unit has.

Common BTU capacities range from 6,000 to 12,000 which are suitable for a common-sized living room. You must look for an AC that is suitable for the size of your room. This will help consume the least amount of energy while proving the best amount of cooling or heating.

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