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Friday, 25 February 2022

Laptop Buying Guide

Things to consider before buying laptop | How to buy a laptop | Laptop buying guide

Laptop is the most popular gadget since lockdown ( Covid-19 started), it also all time required tool for working peoples who uses earlier also (before Covid-19). But when Covid-19 started all over worlds it demand came in huge. As everyone required it either working professional or students.

So if are you planning to buy a laptop, so some research need to do, as todays laptop one can easily interact with other multimedia gadgets such as the TV or stereo equipment. For smooth connectivity, there are HDMI, Bluetooth, and other video and audio out ports. If you want to buy a multimedia laptop, you should consider a number of things and also need to think about your budget.

Here you will find a brief guideline about all these important features which need to check before buying laptop. If you're out looking to buy a new laptop, you should check battery life, screen size, USB ports to processor technology, there are many factors one needs to run through before deciding on the perfect laptop.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

1. Use of Laptop

How will you use the laptop? What is your work on laptop? What basic software you are going need to use? First things is that, before buying you should be clear with your use of laptop, what are your major requirements as for computer hardware and software? For ex are you going to use for classroom for making notes and presentation to students? or you are a software developer or are you a web designer or are you a student and need to attend class only? Like this you need to check your work requirement first, accordingly can select different feature laptop. 

2. Budget & available options

Now, the next step which follows after making your requirements clear is that what kind of laptop is best suited for your needs. In this steps you understand the your work requirement, your budget to buy the best laptop.

3. Think about battery life

What if your laptop shutdown in the middle of the presentation of an important meeting, definitely you will be frustrated!

Battery backup is one of the most important things which matter a lot. Make sure you choose a machine with the best battery life (at least 4 hours). Remember that a smaller laptop also comes with smaller batteries - and these don't last as long as a large battery in a bulkier system. So, check the specification of the battery before buying the laptop.

4. Consider The Laptop Weight & Size

One of the important factors is the weight and size of the laptop. If you are working professional and visit required many places due to work you must have think first on size & weight of laptop. For traveler or marketing guys, or a person who visit frequently clients place avoid heavy and big size screen laptops.

An ideal student laptop must be small, light-weighted and very portable as students peculiarly need the one they can  carry easily to places. Sturdiness: Your laptop should be tough and sturdy enough to bear any kind of treatment given by you.

5. Software compatibility:

Before take final decision check what software you need for your work and that laptop is supporting or not. Shop for the software section before buying your machine to make sure that in the end you can afford both the machine and the software of your choice.

6. Connectivity

Access to internet is a must for every laptop. So, this facility should be available to you anywhere and anytime. Besides a internet connection there are some of the must checks which you need to make in your laptop like a printer port, a 56 kbps-modem, at least one USB port for external keyboard/mouse, drive, digital cameras, HDMI port for connecting projector or TV,  and MP3 players. A VGA port for an external monitor will be an added advantage.

7. Resolution

Many laptops tout high resolution displays as their selling points. However, you need to consider if you really need that extra resolution. If you have imperfect eyesight, a lower resolution WXGA (1280-by-800) might actually be better than WUXGA (1920-by1200).

8. Processor

To experience ultimate multimedia experience and best speed experience, there should be a quality processor inside the laptop. Laptop performance depend on your processor so think it before buy. You can go for latest i3, i5 or i7 processor. On the other hand, an AMD Phenom processor is also a very good choice in this  regard. While buying, take a look at the cache memory of the processor. Higher cache memory means better performance.

9. Memory

The next most important thing for speed and performance of a laptop is memory. It plays a very important role to run the laptops perform faster. You should select for at least 2 GB DDR3 memory for your laptop. Remember, to avoid slow performance while running  multiple programs the memory should be adequate. 

10. Storage

Think your work and data storage, accordingly consider data storage. As you are going for a multimedia laptop or developer laptop, you should think about the storage as well. If  you want to store lots of videos, music, images , so in you laptop there should be enough amount of hard drive space on your laptop for this. It is suggested to go for a hard drive having at least 500 GB of storage capacity. 


I hope this article help you to buying a laptop. Many people don't think through these factors carefully before buying the laptop they attract to discount more than a features so I would suggest first check the laptop specification instead of price .

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